Gracie! What a big week last week and a truly blessed weekend! Great Grandma Bunny, Grampa David and Grama Celia came to visit us starting last Wednesday. It was a wonderful visit full of good conversation, great food from Grama Celia, lots of laughs and a whole lot of lovin on you. There were so many milestones! You ate your first food - brown rice cereal! You ate it like a champ and made a big ole mess. You also got to play with Grama Bunny who is 94. But, best of all, you got to see Grampa David get baptized this weekend. I can’t believe I even typed that sentence. God is AWESOME. Grampa David was so happy! We all cried and sang and hugged on him. We are so happy for him. So much to say, sweet pea, but it’s also a really busy time here. I’m working hard and even harder to soak up every minute with you. I love you, pretty girl! Love, Mommy

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